Hi! My name is Claire Yorston and I'm a registered physiotherapist. Although I'm originally from Nova Scotia, I'm currently working in The Hammer! I spend my time working with both the orthopaedic and pelvic health communities and have done extensive continuing education to be able to provide my clients the care they need. 


I pride myself on providing my clients with up to date research based education so that they can take control of their health and overcome their movement challenges. I help my clients identify what they want out of their physiotherapy sessions and guide them in the pursuit of a more mobile and pain free existence. My clients work for their successes, I'm simply an empathetic and supportive guide along the way. 

I enjoy staying active with pilates and weightlifting, spending time with my partner, our dog Rooney and our friends. I love the outdoors and in the summer you'll see me bopping around the city on my bike!

Check out my blog to learn more about me and how I like to treat.